EIT Journey at MEST Africa

A new story; Starting my EIT journey at MEST Africa

I have just started my journey as an Entrepreneur in Training at MEST Africa. It's less than 72 hours and all I see is positivity.

A new story; Starting my EIT journey at MEST Africa

After months of tests and interviews, I received a final email indicating I have been admitted at the Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology.

I am now an Entrepreneur in Training here at MEST and I look forward to achieve great things. For someone who has been writing about tech for a long time now, it feels great to be involved in the things I write about.

I've already spent three days here at our temporal hostel (we will be spending approximately 1 month here), and the atmosphere is really great. All these wonderful individuals from all over the continent here sharing ideas, talking tech, business and life, having fun (that includes gaming on Xbox and PC, so PS seen so far :D ).

Apart from the fun, we already have an insight as to how our next weeks are going to be like already and I can tell it's not at all going to be boring.

Some of the things I have accomplished over the last three days:

  • Configured my Meltwater email and have received official correspondence via it
  • Made a few friends and a lot of acquaintances who I hope I become friends with too.
  • Already mastering HTML and CSS (Did I mention I didn't code up until last month?)
  • Committed to memory a large area of street names and key locations here in East Legon.

Over the next year, I hope to achieve great things here. It's a new story and I hope to update as often as I can here.

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